Thursday, September 5, 2013

House Sitting

Gouache on Bristal Vellum
18" x 24"

A friend of mine had the travel and leave her cat at home. I decided that this would be an excellent "remote" without having to go too far from home, 20 mintues. There are benefits of this; I do not get distracted by, my garden, and my endless house projects. I also get a completely different landscape. My house is in a wooded hollow, all good, but this is so different being on a hill different that all I could do was painting the brush and the lawn! We will see how I do next painting!


Steven W. Dunn said...

Hi Dan
Beautiful blues and greens! I'm finding difficulty in putting words to why I like this so much...I just do! Sometimes it's comforting to simply respond to the feeling of joy and not get so analytical.
Thanks for the opportunity!

Dan Gliubizzi said...

Thank-you Steven. That is really the best of compliments.

Anonymous said...

It's very nostalgic for me - so lovely and so evocative of a lane at Home Farm (Amenia) where Tilly used to life. I continue to love all your work. (Don't get so wrapped up in your strokes and your colors that you forget to feed the cat!)