Saturday, August 3, 2013

On The Road

Icelandic Pony Farm, Ancramdale NY
Gouache on Paper 
10" x 10"

I left the house on Thursday Evening, We rent our house for short term vacations (VRBO), and the guests arrived. They were competing in the Millbrook Horse Trials.

I packed the truck with all my art stuff and clothes and traveled north to my friends house in Ancramdale in the rain. In the morning I awoke to one of the brightest, clearest days. 
My host, Caroline went off to do what she usual does, take care of Dennis in rehab, and I got out the paints. This first one is a bit fluorescent, but that is how the day felt!
Caroline lives on an Icelandic Pond farm and regrettably they were all in another paddock. They are quite beautiful, with long mane and tails that touch the ground.

After finishing painting, I packed it up and drove into the middle of Massachusetts.
I am here now with an overcast day on the campus of this beautiful boarding school.

Before leaving Millbrook, I ordered the 11' x 4.5' primed canvas from Simon Liu in Brooklyn. It should be ready for pick-up when I return.

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Holly Van Hart said...

I love the idyllic feeling and crisp colors of this one Dan.