Saturday, August 3, 2013

On Location

I do not think that this photo accurately shows the elevation. This Rock is about 300'- 400' above the valley, with almost a straight drop just a few feet behind me. I needed the 4WD to get up here, but it was worth it. I think that I can understand why Mohawks wiped out the first and second English settlements that moved into this area in the mid to late sixteen hundreds. It is just lush and beautiful !

 Gouache on Paper
24" x 10"

I still do not have a grip on my "plein-aire" pallet. My personal sense of scale needs to be reeled in, but not crushed, and that said, I just got here and need to be gentle with myself. 
I am just seduced by the green...I may need to leave the green paint out of the paint bag for a day or two!
I said I would share it all.


Celeste Bergin said...

your painting looks great! Very air=y. Keep them coming!

PAMO said...

A wonderful painting Dan of this stunning setting. The photo is terrific too!

erin said...

i laugh a little. i expected you to say the reason why the settlers were wiped out was a strategic advantage, not because the valley was so obviously an emerald of passion. perhaps man should extinguish man (but in other ways, in metaphorical ways) for the safety and preservation of such natural wonders still, not to own, but to allow to flourish.