Monday, August 19, 2013

Plein-Aire with Gouache

Gouache on Paper
18" x 12"

Gouache on Paper
18" x 12"

Gouache on Paper
18" x 12"

These are three from the weekend. We spent it with our friend Diana at the her house near Pine Plains NY. She has a deck on the bank of this creek. Later we grilled dinner and watched the light fade, right in this spot
I am really enjoying working fast and loose and being able to work closer and closer to dawn and dusk

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Blank Canvas

I picked up the 132" x 54" canvas yesterday at Simon Liu in Sunset Park Brooklyn. It is a folding canvas, beautifully made. It opened up and bolted together easily.
It is 2" thick with a hanger cleat built into it. When it is folded, it fit into the back of my pick-up truck. It was all shrink wrapped, and traveled well, but I will likely deliver the finished painting in a box truck. It had to be a folding canvas so I can get it in and out of the second floor studio.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Pallet Adjustment

Goauche on Paper
18" x 12"
I am happier now!

Monday, August 5, 2013

Painting My lunch

Acrylic on Paper
20" x 7.5"
I had expected that I might be rained out a few times during this trip so I brought a few paintings that I had started and thought I might finish on such a day. Yesterday we had thunderstorms through out the day so I brought out this one and continued working on it Today was one of those super clear days. I took the painting outside and there was a beautiful pine, not the same tree, but similar enough to be able the translate the light and add the cloudless sky.

I read that Salvador Dali would go to the Prado and set up his easel in the front of a Velasquez as though he were going to copy it, but instead he would paint his lunch (above)!
To be here and paint "anything" right now, lets the location be the influence.
I also spent some time this morning being a tourist. I actually walked the house tour with a guide and visited the museum.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

On Location

I do not think that this photo accurately shows the elevation. This Rock is about 300'- 400' above the valley, with almost a straight drop just a few feet behind me. I needed the 4WD to get up here, but it was worth it. I think that I can understand why Mohawks wiped out the first and second English settlements that moved into this area in the mid to late sixteen hundreds. It is just lush and beautiful !

 Gouache on Paper
24" x 10"

I still do not have a grip on my "plein-aire" pallet. My personal sense of scale needs to be reeled in, but not crushed, and that said, I just got here and need to be gentle with myself. 
I am just seduced by the green...I may need to leave the green paint out of the paint bag for a day or two!
I said I would share it all.

On The Road

Icelandic Pony Farm, Ancramdale NY
Gouache on Paper 
10" x 10"

I left the house on Thursday Evening, We rent our house for short term vacations (VRBO), and the guests arrived. They were competing in the Millbrook Horse Trials.

I packed the truck with all my art stuff and clothes and traveled north to my friends house in Ancramdale in the rain. In the morning I awoke to one of the brightest, clearest days. 
My host, Caroline went off to do what she usual does, take care of Dennis in rehab, and I got out the paints. This first one is a bit fluorescent, but that is how the day felt!
Caroline lives on an Icelandic Pond farm and regrettably they were all in another paddock. They are quite beautiful, with long mane and tails that touch the ground.

After finishing painting, I packed it up and drove into the middle of Massachusetts.
I am here now with an overcast day on the campus of this beautiful boarding school.

Before leaving Millbrook, I ordered the 11' x 4.5' primed canvas from Simon Liu in Brooklyn. It should be ready for pick-up when I return.