Monday, July 8, 2013

Big New Project

"From The Rock"
12" x 6"
Acrylic on Tyvek

Today I received the deposit check for a new project. A very large landscape painting of a big vista in Massachusetts. The actually painting will measure 11 feet by 4.5 feet, oil on canvas.
I am going to share the entire process with you, starting today, on this blog.
I have been making a real effort to move away from commercial murals, scenic art and projects where I am in the role as "artisan" and not artist. There seem to be a wide variety of ways to be a "working artist" and finding your personal groove. This can be as different and varied as the artists themselves. I will not dig too deep into that right now. My current choice is to make and sell new work or be commissioned to make new work for someone, or a group that likes what I have done previously. I am happy to accept the challenges of size, subject and theme, while trying to maintain the "artist" I have been developing in myself.
That said, I will share how I arrived at this image and explained to this client/collector what they will be getting.
Eleven feet is a big canvas and my first questions were, where would it hang and what would be the viewing distances. After that I listened very carefully till I heard what thrills them, whether it was a building, or an object or location.
The view above is the first place I was brought!

We now live in this technical world of amazing tools, with cameras and computers.
I have truly falling in love with my digital camera and photoshop for visual information, and spelling and grammar check to help my dyslex brain communicate!

My studio with photoshopped sketch pasted onto a proportioned canvas

I once heard that if Matisse had had PS, he would has used it! 
My painting will maintain 80% of the concept sketch I have shown. 

I think that making a successful transfer of this sketch to the canvas is a learned skill, but NOT enough. It is NOT the "Art of it".

Over the next days and weeks I will share the process I use to get to the "Art of it"