Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Revisiting Figure and Portraits

Ophelia Horn
56"x 56" Oil on Canvas

This was a portrait commission of Chef Ophelia Horn (Waine Ann Deegan), painted to go on the wall of her next restaurant.
She has passed away and I do not know where the painting is now. I wish I had a better copy of it.
Below is the more naturalistic study for the painting before I created and stylized her and the environment. All the props were of her choosing from her personal collections.

Ophelia Horn Portrait Study
16" x 16"
Oil on Board


PAMO ART said...

Wow Dan! That is amazing work. The props and how you've composed them really add to the work. I bet she was really pleased. Hopefully, her family has the portrait and loves it too.

You've been in my thoughts lately since Sandy breezed through. I hope you and your family fared well. It's tough seeing all the destruction on TV. I can only imagine what it's like living in it or near it.
Take care!

Celeste Bergin said...

how long ago did you paint these? They are both great! Hope to see more portraits from you....excellent!