Thursday, October 25, 2012


Steven and The Muse
Oil on Canvas 60"x 48"

This is a painting from around 1988. It was purchased and lives on a farm in Wisconsin. Special thanks to Robert Fripp, Steve Reich for the inspiration.
The subjects are actual portraits of two friends, a musician and a dancer/choriographer, but placed into a setting of my own design.

Are you someone that knows your Dharma? Do you know why you are here? Deepak Chopra discusses this as a conversation that he has had with his children, about making the effort to find out why you are here and then pursuing it.
I don't feel like I truly know my Dharma.
I am jealous of Chopra's children that they had a parent thoughtful enough to bring up this subject and help guide them. I do hope that I have done a better job.

In this gap between blog posts (too long), I have been going through old portfolios and pictures and making notes of my journey (and cleaning the studio)!

Admiral Bird & The Fox
Acrylic on Canvas 36"x24"

There is quite allot of work in between these two paintings and several costly trips down a few dead ends, but on paths that often held some gift or prize to take, much like some video game...