Thursday, August 23, 2012

Five from the Past

 Acrylic on Paper 16"x20"

I was looking through some old portfolios when I came across these. They are 20 years old and they were painted when I made a serious effort to go out into the landscape and plein-aire paint, after being a studio artist up to that time.

Acrylic on Paper  16"x20"
I still really like mowed lawns and trimmed parks. It allows for strong graphic patterns from shadows to hit the ground without having the under brush brake them up

 Acrylic on Paper 16"x20"
I found a park not far from my house. I was living in Lancaster PA at the time.
It had been a 90 acre Mennonite farm, but half of it was in flood plain and could not be effectively developed, so the owner had sold it to a group that promised and built the most beautiful park and arboretum. The owner was now 90 years old and regularly walked the park and often sat with me while I painted.
Acrylic on Paper 16"x20"
This park had Mill Creek for a border on the East and South sides and a working Amish farm for the entire Western border.
I painted this while a Amish boy and a horse mowed, and raked this pattern into his field.

Acrylic on paper 16"x20"

I have continued to paint evergreens. This Hemlock always looked like an upside down tornado ready to tear up the lawn.

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PAMO ART said...

These are all so beautiful Dan. Amazing how I can tell it's you even from 20 years ago. Now that's style!