Thursday, May 3, 2012

Crows; Closer & Closer

My local crows have been communicating! I wish I had a clue about what! They are not scolding or dive bombing. Likely it has something to do with my feeding them the mice I trap in the basement.
I live in a farm house and mice are just part of it. When we bought the house the previous owners had been away for months prior to the sale and the mice had real taken over. Even after I got that under control, and also got the Red Squirrel out (cute but nasty critter). A mouse or two is just country life, so I put down some traps, but thought I would start to put the catch outside and always in the same spot, on a big rock, when I do this I do not see any crows, but obviously they see me. Sometimes I see them come down and take it. I only catch one mouse a week, maybe two.
Over the past two years I have noticed a change in the crows behavior.
Last summer two adults would bring a young crow (nearly a full size crow) to the yard and feed and talk and I guess, "play"!   
The crows no longer fly away when I come out and often hang out in one of two trees and watch me.
This week they are calling to me, directly. Interesting


Jane said...

What a lovely 'relationship' you have build with the crows, love that! Your sketch is really great, can't get much closer I think :)

PAMO ART said...

Dan! I've missed you but taking care of the farm is vastly more important than keeping your blog friends updated. (Smile!)
I love that you feed the crows your mice catches. It's a perfect solution.
Your drawing is superb! You have a fantastic way of 'seeing'.
I hope you are having a wonderful spring.

Bitch said...

A life with a crow family..
I love your story, Dan!!
Have a great spring...