Thursday, January 19, 2012

Owl Study

10" X 10" pencil in sketchbook

I am beginning to think about a new painting. 
I have a murder of crows in the neighborhood. A small group that hangs out behind my house and then they all get together up the road, about a half mile away. Most of the time I see them harassing the Redtail hawks that live across the field, but somethings they go crazy, just inside the woods and when I can get close enough to see what is exciting them, it is usual an owl. This can be the best time to see an owl. We have several kinds and I have spotted Barred Owls and Barn Owls, Screech Owls  and everyone's favorite The Great Horned Owl. The Great Horned Owl is here, but not a common visitor to my property. They like sycamore trees and the small stream about a 1/4 mile behind the house. I can hear their distinctive hoot.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Little Christmas Gifts

 Holly and I get to go to a big, sit down, Christmas dinner for 30. My group has allot of grown children living their lives on their own now, so it is really nice to all be together and sharing the event, later in the afternoon, after all the phone calls and presents.
Our host, Annie and Murdock did an amazing job with Turkey and Duck and everyone else was assigned a side dish. We also do a Secret Santa event. This year a couple of friends (guests) asked me to produce small paintings for their two gift assignments and I was happy to do it since I knew the receivers.
Above is "ManFriday", my friend Diana's Lurcher and below is Wes's Gloves. Wes is a Dressage rider and coach. The paintings are 6"x 9" acrylic on paper.
Both are slices of bigger images that were in my collection.
I do not think that Diana's hand was the original focus, but became most important and Wes's hands were everything.