Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Glorious Mr. Handsome

There are many people in my area that free-range their chickens and as you drive around you can often catch a glimpse of one or several scratching by the side of the road. 
My friend, Diana has a small flock and I noticed that they like to hover on the edge of the woods and the field. Diana has lost many to Fox and Coyote and Hawk, but does not get too upset about it, knowing that the Vixen is also in the woods with hungry kits to feed. 
What I have seen is this back lit rooster that made him rather hard to spot. I have always been interested in camouflage and the behaviors that go with it.  Maybe I will do a post on that next.
Mr Handsome is a Black Maran hybrid owned by my friend Ilana. I took several dozen photos at her farm one day and as I reviewed my work, one rooster seemed to always appear in many of my shots. Later when I showed her a drawing, she identified Mr. Handsome for his ability to be an attention getter. 

Oil on Canvas 36" X 36"

Oil on Canvas 36" X 36"

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