Thursday, September 22, 2011


This is the second of the two paintings, posted below, that I started simultaneously. (60"X36" acrylic on canvas)
One was a commission and as I got closer to completion I asked my client to chose one of the two paintings and I put the contrail in that one. The contrail was a requested element.
I live in an area where there is a contrail in the sky all the time, most of us do. In the evenings, right now, as I write, there are a half dozen.
Since having these commissions I have paid closer attention to these contrails and the fact that they are a consistent element in my visual landscape, so in this second painting I have included one, but not without the juxtaposition of another flying element.  
When I look up at a contrail I often think of the people on board, and all the things that they are planning to do on arrival to wherever!
I have a similar thoughts when I see my local hawks soaring. What are they thinking, so high in the air? What does it feel like to really know the wind?