Thursday, August 4, 2011

White Pine in the Summer Sky


It is a great summer, some are complaining that it is too hot, but this is how I like it!  I should post some of the gardening work I have been doing. We did finally need help and hired a guy to weed the 200' of rock wall.
This white pine is one of my favorites in the yard. I actually chose this portion because the top was so damaged in the winter storms, but I can already see that it is repairing itself and does not look so bad anymore. My local crows hang out in some of the lower branches and I have shared some winter paintings I did of them. The crows have gotten very comfortable with me and  they have even brought the new young ones to the lower yard when I am outside.
I have been following all my blogger friends and enjoying all your efforts. If it ever rains again I will visit and comment.
Enjoy Your Summer

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Celeste Bergin said...

Dan! This is absolutely fantastic! Your trees (and especially this one) are gorgeous. I love what you wrote about how this tree has recovered and now it all the more beautiful because of it's former damage. That's a cool metaphor that can be related to everyone's life. !