Monday, February 28, 2011

Locust Trees Along the Road

Acrylic on Paper 
20"X 7.5"
I just finished this. I have Locust trees that line the road about 20 yards from the house. I do not think you have to go to exotic lands to get inspiration...but right now that would also be nice.


Marianne said...

You ARE in an exotic location, at least in your mind's eye view, or how else would you have been able to excise the snow? Love the painting - glad you're back. Been missing your postings.

Anonymous said...

These trees are beautiful Dan. And I love the stone. You really know color, your expertise shines through. Your browns and blues are luscious.
You are simply amazing! I agree too on both points that you do not have to go to exotic lands to get inspiration, but that would be nice.

Bob said...

I have long been a believer in the idea that you do not have to travel to exotic places to find inspirations for art. I think one of the true gifts of a good work of art is being able to evoke an emotional response from the viewer that allows them to see their ordinary everyday world in a new way. I have to admit though that this belief has been greatly challenged since recently moving from Greenwich Village in Manhattan (I love you sketches of Union Square by the way) to the artistic Siberia of Utah. There is much beauty here of course but it lacks the artistic energy you find living in a place like New York but I hope to raise to the challenge and grow from it. Thank you for your sage words they come at a good time for me as an artist.

Bitch said...

Trees in winter..
Haven't seen you for such a long time.

kip said...

like! love old locust trees, stone walls. winner! kip