Monday, January 31, 2011

"The Beautiful Nude" Competition

"The Stretch"
Oil on Canvas
28" X 24"

I just entered this painting in the Odd Nerdrum, "The Beautiful Nude" competition on Facebook.
It is being hosted by Helene Delmaire.
We all had to censor our paintings with little squares, but here is the actual painting.
If you have a Facebook account, please check it out.
I did this painting a few years ago when I worked exclusively in oil. Tonight I touched it up.
I am working in oil again, on new paintings and the turpentine aroma in the studio in heavenly. When I have had studios in my living space, I have a special affection for the smell of oil paint and Italian food!
I was looking closely at how I painted this. We all change from painting to painting and a few years later find ourselves in a very different place.
The paint is very thin. A series of washes over a pencil drawing. The pencil drawing is not really about capturing the figure, though I am drawing from life. I am looking for relating curves and spirals. Mentally trying to find and maintain an abstract design for as long as I can. When the figure final appears and I identify it, in this case a female form, then I allow myself to connect to the power of the image.  

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Snow Day

My last post was titled "Rhetoric" and I was all prepared to go into a political rant. I spared you and mellowed as the evening wore on. Maybe it was the cold and snow and being shut in that got my mind going. I finally arrived at the positive in all of it.
Maybe we are at the beginnings of a dialog about how we are casually glorifying violence. Maybe? Thank goodness we have clueless politicians and celebraties that say stupid stuff often enough for us to see both the power and meanness of our words. 

I really did have a great couple of days at the easel. My crows have been sitting on this branch since we bought the house 4 1/2 years ago. It isn't that I particularly love crows, actually they are loud, and ruckus, and bully other creatures and you just can't say "cute crow", but I have become more fascinated with them, as I have paid attention.
What I do love is that negative shape! That black hole in the universe, that moves!
In these two paintings, it is the crows that helped me to see the winter sky, (often described as colorless). It has the most interesting play of gray, yellow and pink.  In that light, are my childhood memories, of sledding till dark, so hungry and cold, but not wanting to stop and go in the house, because it would all be over.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


A new painting of my crows that hang out of the branch outside my bedroom window.
I did two of these paintings today and I will post the other tomorrow.
As I painted today and occasionally stopped into a TV news channel during the day, it was filled with this tragedy in Tucson AZ. Pretty sad stuff.
It is the side issue that has become interesting. The power of words and images!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Actual Painted Panels

Acrylic on Ceiling Tile 
(2) 24"X 24" tiles