Monday, December 27, 2010

A Little Different-Ceiling Panels

Happy Holidays to all of you! Today is a most amazing "after storm" I have not experienced this since I lived in Illinois many years ago. Last night it snowed, and shortly after that it got colder and the wind started to blow. Now today it is sunny, but the wind has not stopped. We are drifted in.

Fire in the stove and Christmas leftovers...all is good.

I am working on some ceiling panels for a children's surgical center in NYC.
I have two more sets of panels, that will have more birds. 
I want to create the effect of "looking up" and them "looking down".
It is just the perfect day to be at the table with sketchbook, trapped in the house.


Anonymous said...

The snow is wonderful and your panels are gorgeous! I'm sure the kids will love them. How cool that the birds will be looking down- a terrific concept.
Hope the great 2010 snow in ends without fanfare.
Happy New Year!

VH McKenzie said...

Sharing in the snowbound-ness!

What a wonderful gift your panels will be, Dan. Jealous!

Please be sure to share all of the final works with us.

happy new year........!

Delphyne said...

Beautiful, Dan - the colors and the form.

Dan Gliubizzi said...

Thank you for the comments. Today I will be working on the sketches for the other two panels and will post them when finish