Sunday, November 21, 2010

Looking Up-Miami

48" X 60" Acrylic on Canvas
I wanted to post this before it traveled. It was delivered to the art mover in NYC on Monday morning to go to it's home in Miami. I have been working on it all month.

Drawing Session November '10

Last Wednesday I went to the drawing session again. This time, and on purpose, I left my charcoal and pastel and conte' at home.
I only packed pens, brushes and ink and some 70# Bristal paper.

The session is run in the usual way, with the fast gesture pose and then longer and longer poses. I feel that to get the most out of the time I should push my own envelop, but since it is only the second time, I am not completely in the groove yet.
I was hovering over the paper as the 30 seconds were ticking by when one of my fellow bloggers came to mind "Firefly Workshop".
I splashed some ink wash around in a random, but educated manor till I could find her, then took the pen to it. As you can barely see, I even rotated the paper through some of these fast poses.

This second one I fell back to the way I would draw with conte', but the marker fought back! I quickly went for the brush and ink. Interesting, but if not for this blog entry I would likely file it, maybe in a round file. 

Now that I had the brush and ink in hand and I was intent not to fight it. I think some enjoyable things started to happen. The model took one of those poses like a Michelangelo "Sibyl"

Monday, November 1, 2010

Life Drawing Oct '10

Here are a few of my drawings from a life drawing session. I have not drawn in a group for a couple of years. I used to do it all the time.
Life drawing is a very physical activity. I like to draw standing up at a drawing table. This session was three hours.
I think of it more, like going to the gym, than as art making. I know many artists that can take figure drawing out to a high level (Phillip Pearlstein).
My eyes feel differently after even one session. I am normally right handed, but after several sessions, my left hand will start to hold chalk and draw, even without my realizing it.
I have heard that many art schools have eliminated their life drawing class. It is a changing art world! 
If you think about drawing as a tool, then I remember what my Dad's tool box looked like with wrenches, a hand saw and no electric drill.  My toolbox has battery operated drivers, saws and cutters and a laser level!?! So I do understand. 
An artist now produces art with new tools and skills.

But I really enjoy drawing like this! It has been an important part of my training. (I can give credit to Anthony Droege for teaching it to me, and in one intense semester). I feel it is necessary, for the way I see, and think. 

Something will be a lost when no one draws the human form from life anymore.

This is really just a short entry on a subject that could be pages. 
I will continue to post my drawings from these sessions.