Monday, August 16, 2010

Plein-Aire Painting Today

On Saturday, Holly and I went to Limerock Raceway, across the state line in Connecticut.
It is very close to my house, only a half hour away, but in all the time I have lived here, it has been off the radar. Somehow, now that I have this Porsche 944, I seemed to have permission. I was delighted to see that on the very day, the 944's were racing.  Actually, I have never been to an Auto race track, ever. Porsche, Lamborghini and Corvettes at 100 plus miles an hour. Wow!
So back to being an artist. I get to the studio this morning and parked the car next to the barn and looked at it for moment and decided that it was the perfect subject to combined the enthusiasm. I went in and brought out my flash paint (vinyl base Gouache) and some 70# bristle board. I had to work fast as a thunder storm was threatening.
I want to do more of this.


Holly Burguieres said...

This is the most amazing 100 minute exersize. It is so life like and beguiling. I want to see more.

Sue said...

I agree with is so life like...I thought you photographed the car then photoshopped it....very cool. And I can't believe you have never been to a car race...Never been to Raceway Park??....ofcourse I live in Nascar country and have been to many a race...not a chicken I can sit and watch the race from the
2nd. row without ear plugs...The noise is half the experiance!!..
Enjoy the new car!!

Betty said...

I really really love this one!
And thanks so much for your wonderful comments! Always great to hear from you)

Momo Luna said...

I so love the fact that it looks like a photograph but as a drawing at the same time.
And Hi Dan, thank you for the welcoming back. :-)
I wish you a wonderful weekend!