Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Challenging Day in the Country

Some feel that they are in control, or need to be in control of everything in their life. Some believe that fate, luck and chance are really in charge.
I tend to believe in a balance of both of these ideas, so long as "in control" is really an act of intention and fate, and luck are connected to Karma. This morning I am sorting out just how easy and/or difficult this belief is to understand.
 At 9:00 AM this morning I hit a deer at 65 mph on the NYS Thruway. I broadsided it in the center lane! I was not hurt, and managed to get the car to the shoulder without getting hit by any other cars. I regret that I have probably totaled my wife's car! I was able to drive it back home, though the front of the car is a mess
I was on the way to see a client that I have done some design and production work for, and though I cannot turn down any work right now. I have expressed my intention to develop my fine art career and limit my commercial work. I did not expect to be so forcibly stopped!
It was a bad day for critters! The trooper told me that three deer and a bear were killed, this morning, on the same stretch of road, but I still feel singled out!

I am also aware that the "Trickster", "The Coyote" may have a hand in this. So right now, as I type, alive and unhurt, and NOT at the meeting with the commercial client, I am asking myself, "What do I need to rethink and rededicate"? What can I create that is new?

"How high can you jump Dan?"

The painting start, above is one of my views, usually with several grazing deer.