Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Swords and Art

Reading things Japanese, remind me of how difficult it is to think differently.
I have enjoyed reading Yukio Mishima, till I got to "Sun and Steel". I realized I was in a very alien mind. This was fascinating to me,  after I got over feeling stupid!
I have had more success with "A Book of Five Rings". A manual for the swordsman. I may die in my western life, never truly understanding the "Void"
What I do love about Musashi's writing is that instead of making it real, from metaphor as we do in the west. Musashi gives it to you real, then you get make your own metaphor.
If I replace the sword with my paint brush in this paragraph, it still works!

The new sword holds interest for me greater then some macho weapon to fantasize with... OK! It also does do that too!

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Anonymous said...

Dan!-- i owe you a phone call--got busy (so what am i doing reading your blog?). don't know much about japanese culture or literature--tho i did see 'ran' and 'dreams' by Kurusowa. latinAmerican lit does often speak of the abyss. check Nicanor Parra, 'poems and antipoems.' Man.