Monday, May 3, 2010

New Acquisition

Today I made a trade. My friend had admired several paintings over some time and I had made note of that. In turn, I had admired a sword that was hanging in his study. I have trained with Japanese weapons and can handle a bokken sword, but in the most elementary way.
I have had and lost several opportunities to own a good Samurai Sword. When my friend moved, I found out that he had put the sword on consignment!  Both of us respect our individual need for cash and the best price, so there was no conversation about the sword. Then I found out that the sword did not sell. I felt compelled to make him an offer of trading it for the painting that I knew he liked and he accepted! 
The story is that the sword was recovered from the wreckage of a Zero after a  kamikaze attack in the pacific. A great provenance, but not a pre-war sword.
The painting is a small acrylic on paper and I am very comfortable with the mutual values.

I am curious about the quality of the blade. It is extremely sharp and I could not resist taking a swipe at one of the branches of a shrub. An effortless cut! Wow!
I want to have it x-rayed and take off the sheath. I have promised my friend to renegotiate our trade, if the blade proves to be more than the standard Japanese army issue, but right now I am delighted.


Celeste Bergin said...

ah, all this talk of swords and warriors, cutting and slashing (post above) doesn't jibe well with my peace-nik-ness..(haha)...but no one can deny the exquisite beauty of the sword and your traded painting. It's strange to think that the blade cut your bushes so well (after becoming corroded in the briny deep). I think you both did great in the trade. Let us know if you find out more---it's not everyday we get to read about/see a Japanese sword on an artist blog!

Dan Gliubizzi said...

Ah! mighty Pens,Swords and Paint Brushes!
This sword was retrieved from the firy crash after the kamikaze attack on the ship and fortunately was not destroyed and did not hit the water. The blade has only one small notch in it and is shiny and very sharp.