Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Looking at Spring

I have been paintings these small long landscapes for more than a year with the idea that I would paint all the seasons. I will continue with this plan, but it is interesting to see the challenges that can present themselves. I just finished this one.
Spring and Autumn change before your eyes.
Once the leaves fall off the trees, Winter can look the same for months. Summer can also remain the same if you do not including specific blooms of flowers. Georgia O'Keeffe thought that summer in the east was green from her toes to the sky. She did not care for it.
Spring changes by the minute! Everything is so accelerated! Fall is the same, one days temperature change can make a huge difference.
This spring has been crazy! Half a week in the 80's, now I have been stoking the wood stove for the last two days.
In this painting, I tried to get that new leaf leanness and shimmer, there for only a day


knithound brooklyn said...

yep. you got it.

Delphyne said...

Nice, Dan.

I undertand what Georgia means - having spent so much time in the West, the first summer out here, I thought, "It is impossibly green and I cannot see the sky through the foliage."

Roadchick said...

I call that day or two of the first new leaves 'green mist' - at first you think you're imagining it or wishing it into being after so many months of gray and cold . . . but no, it's real.

Lovely painting!!!

Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting - I have NO idea what blogger is up to. I've had trouble commenting at some blogs also.

Anthony & Brenda said...

The way you celebrate nature is poetic and inspirational.

Betty Manousos:cutand-dry.blogspot.com said...

What a beautiful painting!!
I love this post, Dan! The words you use here are magical!
Hope you're having a relaxing weekend, and thank you so much for your wonderful comments on my blog.
It means a lot!
B :)