Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Roosters and Chickens

Here are the first of several paintings about Roosters and Chickens that I will produce till Friday. I do not own any and it would change if I did, because I know I would see more of their nuance. I spent a half a day at my friends farm with her chickens. I produced five right away and I like these three. They are drawn from a life, sort of, I did get a hold of a stuffed Rooster, tried to give'em some life! I also like that they remind me of Richard Scarry drawings from his childrens books that I read to my kids.
So I see that they have an animated and illustrative quality that I often see in my work and is strongest when I am first beginning.
Today my neighbor came over with the gravel for my driveway...and now it is noon.


Delphyne said...

These are fantastic, Dan! Especially that first one - the feathers are wonderfully real and the colors are perfect!

I love roosters - I have a hand carved one from Indonesian painted red and another large ceramic piece, not to mention the kitchen towel with roosters on them!

Roadchick said...

I like them - great job!

Just lately, I've had a "thing" for chickens and roosters. It's probably pretty fortunate that we're not allowed to keep them in the backyard otherwise I'd have a flock in no time!

Betty Manousos:cutand-dry.blogspot.com said...

Stunning paintings!!!
I love the colours.
I'm in awe of your artistic ability!!
And thank you so much for your comments!