Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Jan's Summer View


Last summer, in July, a friend from Mexico came to visit.
July in Up-State NY is clear and lush. My birthday is on the 25th, the Cicadas have just started their welcome buzzing a week before and it is usually hot. Mexico is also hot, but really dry.
My Mexican friend lay in the grass, walked on the grass and reveled in the "green" that went from his toes to the sky. When he came into the house and saw my paintings, he got what I was trying to do and commissioned one for his home in San Miguel Allende.
Here it is finished, 60"X36".
I am a studio painter, but I do enjoy my plein-aire painting time ...and I have put in my time, but it was so nice to put my mind and heart into summer, while the snow was falling.

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Holly Burguieres said...

This is exactly how I remember that Summer day. Now I can enjoy it whenever I want on your blog.