Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Alice in Wonderland (The Cut Outs Story)

"Macy's exhibits a flower show for spring which invovles an elaborate display of flowers through out the first floor and the windows are decorated with themes which change each year.
Crowds gathher each spring to veiw the spectacula, much as what occurs during the Christmas season on Fifth Avenue.
One particular year, My friend who was  the chairman of the music department of City College told me that her colleague David Del Tredici, who is famous for his Alice music, amoung other compositions was having his Alice music piped onto the street for the onlookers of the Alice themed windows.
The sheet metal sculptures were the focal point of the windows. They depicted various characters and segments of the Alice in Wonderland  and Through the Looking Glass.
As a member of the Lewis Carroll Society of North America, I asked the president if they wanted the sculpture and they said they did.
I contacted Macy's and they said I could pick them up in Hoboken at their warehouse. No charge.
One rainy and windy day I got a station wagon and some help and we brought most of the sculptures back to my house. Two pieces I brought to a lady who had contacted the society and wanted them for her daughters bat mitzvah. I dropped them off in the cty before storing the others in my garage. There they stayed for at least 5 years. Finally the society realized that there was nothing they could really do with them so I decided to line my backyard with them. I so enjoyed them for awhile until I discovered that they were not waterproof and they rusted and peeled.
Enter Dan.
Dan came for a couple of years and scraped and repainted a couple at a time.
I gave the Society another year to see if anyone wanted them and when no one did, Dan did a total refinishing of them and they now reside on a beautiful piece of property in Bedford, New York"
Elinor H

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Celeste Bergin said...

what a remarkable situation! I think the refurbished Alice Characters are wonderful--they look just right among the trees! You've been a good steward.