Monday, January 4, 2010


If I had a New Year's resolution it would probably be to write more.  I am enjoying the blog since I started earlier this year. It began slowly and the interest has accelerated as I read the comments and visit and read other blogs. Thanks for the encouragement!   

In my blog I want to talk about my fine art work and meet others doing the same. I am maintaining that.
This year, I thought it may be of interest if I shared more of my projects and the way I make most of my income. Here is the latest!

Soon the carpet will arrive and it will be clearer that I matched my mural panels to the carpet, the ceiling and the dance floor. The 8 art pieces are spread over 2 doors each, so actually, I produced 16 A & B panels measuring 140" X 96" together.
I designed and hand painted only one and in half scale.
It was then "printed", full size, and with some added over-painting.
This is new territory for me and I am excited about the potential. The year before, I was involved with making panels like this. We (a crew of artisans) hand painted 14 panels, for hours and hours ($)!
Tomorrow I am going for a site survey for a "Sky and Clouds" mural ceiling and later today I am back to work on refurbishing "Alice in Wonderland" cut-outs. I will post them next time.


Caio Fernandes said...

it all seems great projects .
happy new year ans success on the projects !!

Celeste Bergin said...

I have no idea what you are talking about--lol...but I like this thing that you are standing in front of! Your work is really beauuutiful. I like the landscapes--but this design stuff is equally sound. Impressive. (That was me who removed my previous comment --I forgot to sign off from my other blog before I wrote).

Anonymous said...

Sky and clouds, that will be something.


Sue said...

this is amazing and you have my interest peaked about the Alice cut outs....can't wait to see those...