Tuesday, October 13, 2009

From 37 Years Ago

My son emailed a note to me, sent to him from Richmond Indiana. I used to live there.
The writer had purchased one of my painting at auction. She wanted to know more about the artist. My son and I have the same name and he is an artist also...and has a much better internet presence than I do, so she found him first.
The painting has been sitting in my (ex) father-in-laws house, in the basement, all this time, till his death at 96.
I returned the response email. I was happy that even an old painting would be out and hung and enjoyed again. I think paintings and drawings go to sleep in portfolios, or damp basements!
I chose not to ask what she paid for the painting. I can imagine it was dragged out onto the lawn with old tools and dishes, etc.
I was interested in seeing it again. I can see the roots of my current work.
Heighten color, unique angle, and a touch of drama always interested me.
It was a student painting. I am glad it was not destroyed and glad I am still painting


Caio Fernandes said...

it is good to see a older painting facing the day light again !!

by the way , it is a real pleasure to have discovered your work and blog ...
you have incredible paintings here !!
thank you for droping by !!

see you !!

Jasmine said...

Dan, thank you for your visit. I had the same problem with my laptop. I couldn't leave messages ad had real problems posting. I'm not sure why or how to fix it .

Renee said...

The colours are so amzing.

Man do I ever wish I was at that garage sale.

Renee xoxo

Ces said...

Wow! I love your work! All of it. I am so glad I found you through Renee.

Catriona said...

Hey, I'm glad you're still painting too!
Great work, love the trees and the blog. Great that you rediscovered old work and can see how much you've learnt and discovered and progressed across the years. its like coming across old friends.

Momo Luna said...

I'm glad you still paint too. But the old painting is also great, i love the intense colours.....

Celeste Bergin said...

It is a very intriguing painting..and it is wonderful that it has a new home.