Tuesday, October 13, 2009

From 37 Years Ago

My son emailed a note to me, sent to him from Richmond Indiana. I used to live there.
The writer had purchased one of my painting at auction. She wanted to know more about the artist. My son and I have the same name and he is an artist also...and has a much better internet presence than I do, so she found him first.
The painting has been sitting in my (ex) father-in-laws house, in the basement, all this time, till his death at 96.
I returned the response email. I was happy that even an old painting would be out and hung and enjoyed again. I think paintings and drawings go to sleep in portfolios, or damp basements!
I chose not to ask what she paid for the painting. I can imagine it was dragged out onto the lawn with old tools and dishes, etc.
I was interested in seeing it again. I can see the roots of my current work.
Heighten color, unique angle, and a touch of drama always interested me.
It was a student painting. I am glad it was not destroyed and glad I am still painting

Thursday, October 8, 2009


I made several large canvases to the dimensions of 92" X 58". This is the closest size I could purchase stretcher bars that would make a Golden Rectangle. I missed it slightly. I wanted to enjoy the benefit of some portions that have stood the test of time. I also needed to be practical and not exceed 96" or I would not be able to move them in and out of elevators. Here is a photo of the installation of one of them to show the scale. What seems to be a large painting in the studio becomes a modest size work in this office environment.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

New Paintings

These two new paintings (92" X 58") are the literal expressions of "Everything is Looking Up".
I enjoy the blog title for the metaphoric context also, but sometimes it is just about the view.
Last week, both paintings were half finished, sitting in the studio.
I can leave a painting in this state for months.
I was approached about some interest in these large works based on the last smaller Tree Tops paintings that were just completed. Actually I was strongly (butt kick) convinced to completely them!
So I went to the studio, and no! I did just start painting. I cleaned the studio, I washed brushes and generally orbited and circled (like Sammy the Golden Retriever, that occasionally visits my studio) till the pressure to complete the paintings overrode the fear to begin.
The first brush stroke hit the canvas at 7:00 AM and I did not stop till the following morning at 7:00 AM. They were loaded on the truck at 8 and they drove away.
Let me say that there were hours of contemplation and planning that had already been done. I had walked the fields till I found the right trees, came back on the right day, in front of the right clouds. I had the sketches. I had done the preliminary work.

I am pleased that I have the energy to get this out of myself in this way, but I do strive for a more routine work style. I am also athletic and do understand the benefit of the regular scheduled workout.
The paintings were well received and have been purchased.
Right now I miss them, like meeting someone new, at the end of a party and only having the pleasant memory the next day.