Friday, August 21, 2009


I have often had dreams that include crows, flying crows.
I like the hole that is torn into a scene when the blackness of a crow enters. I do not mean this, exclusively on the painted picture plane, but also on a branch, in my backyard. The blackness acts as a "negative space" element. I feel as though I should be able to see something in that blackness.
In the natural world animals choose color and shade with intention.
I do wonder why the blackness works so well for the crow. Since they did not migrate and live in winter climates, maybe this negative effect that I see, is what aids them. To be the space and not the object.
The dreams are something else. Maybe burned into my consciousness by Alfred Hitchcock or something more.

I have always lived in areas with crows, not that difficult since they are everywhere, but there has always been a crow, in a tree, to wake me, like it or not.
This painting is a usual scene behind my house.


knithound brooklyn said...

Crow Dream Meaning Psychological Meaning: The crow may represent the dark part of your psyche that appears at first to be frightening but contains what you need for spiritual enrichment. Crows, like angels, were once believed to be the messengers of the gods. In your dream, they are messengers from your unconscious.

Crow Dream Meaning Mystical Meaning: Associated with witchcraft the crow is said to have the gift of prophecy. Some people believe that dreams that include crows foretell future events.

As for animals choosing their color with intent. Really? What happened to evolution?

Dan Gliubizzi said...

Thanks for the Crow info

OK! So little evolution in a single generation and maybe a little more in thousands, but evolution is in service of the intention of life.
Intent on hiding, intent on stalking. Bees are intent on finding pollen and Flowers are intent on bees finding them.

Delphyne said...

Beautiful, Dan - both painting and musings of both the post and your reply.

I remember all of the crows at the old picnic house - they always sounded like they were having a conference about something very important. Not so many around here now - West Nile, I'm told - but the few who are here are beautiful. I love that each of them has a different voice.

puccini said...

We at DidiArt Angels are very proud of your crow
painting! It has been sent on to raise money for
a native Canadian Indian food bank in Ontario.

The crows will bless you, the angels and the
Ontario Indians who will receive nourishment from your beautiful work!

It is a good thing when the Universe has given us
great talent and we support and help our fellow
earthlings with that gift.. it is totally enriching
all the way around!

MANY THANKS from all of us.

Didi D'Errico, President of DidiArt Angels

Jasmine said...

I love your picture. I love crows and trees. The medicine wheel teaches that crows are a link to the spirit world. I like to think that when I feel watched or followed by a crow that it secretly telling me my daughter is happy and safe.

Momo Luna said...

Great post. I love the painting and your words with it. Black crows are a bit mysterious i always think, i love to watch them.