Friday, August 21, 2009


I have often had dreams that include crows, flying crows.
I like the hole that is torn into a scene when the blackness of a crow enters. I do not mean this, exclusively on the painted picture plane, but also on a branch, in my backyard. The blackness acts as a "negative space" element. I feel as though I should be able to see something in that blackness.
In the natural world animals choose color and shade with intention.
I do wonder why the blackness works so well for the crow. Since they did not migrate and live in winter climates, maybe this negative effect that I see, is what aids them. To be the space and not the object.
The dreams are something else. Maybe burned into my consciousness by Alfred Hitchcock or something more.

I have always lived in areas with crows, not that difficult since they are everywhere, but there has always been a crow, in a tree, to wake me, like it or not.
This painting is a usual scene behind my house.