Monday, July 27, 2009

Summer Treescapes

Summer is moving at light speed, so I thought I would work on that, as a theme.

These two paintings, 24" X 48", are of the same tree, only just a few hours apart and a slightly different angle. I think I could spend the rest of the summer doing this painting over again several times. So many elements change in extremely short times.

I painted both of them, all in one night, about thirteen hours straight, wasn't even tired...till the following mid-day.
It was really good to get it out of my head. The vision from studying the scene during the day, stayed with me all evening.

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Delphyne said...

Beautiful, Dan.

I thought about your clouds yesterday when I saw the reflection of those kinds of clouds in the back window of my van. I just stood there staring at them, somewhat transfixed, wondering if I opened that door, would I find myself on a path to those clouds...