Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Camera

I love my digital camera. I think that it is a great tool. The first one I had was a 2 megapixel Sony.
I am not a photographer. I have felt "obligated" to have a camera for all the usual reasons like taking slides and pictures of your kids. I just did not get into to it and the camera was big and I did not like carrying it. When I would take it out I was always aware of the cost of film and development and the shoe boxes full of duds.
So with a big chip in the digital and my Mac, the entire experience changed!
This is really what I want to talk about. I now go out with an 8 megapixel Canon and just shot and shot. Often I have had to remind myself to just keep clicking. I can do with the camera, what I do with the sketchbook. The first twenty minutes I find that I am framing, and using those years of looking at art. Using the classic compositions, then I get bored!
I actually wait for this. I wander aimlessly and even think about going home, but I do not.
I trust that by staying out there something new will happen.
A little kid stuck in a car seat will make anything into a toy and I am using the boredom to find something new in my mind, as well as in the scene.
A guitarist friend of mine once had a private lesson with the rocker Robert Fripp. He ask Fripp what he should do when he just did not feel like playing guitar? Fripp's response was, "That's OK to not feel like playing, but do not stop playing"!

I do not like the reduction that is inherent in the one eyed camera. I prefer to translate the image into paint, because I am a painter. I do like using the camera as a thinking tool.

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