Wednesday, January 28, 2009


This is my newest painting. It is 42"x 34" acrylic on raw canvas.
It is nearly the view outside of my studio, but with the Sumac added over the top. There is a beautiful stand of them at the edge of this field by the side of the road. Sumac are at their best in the winter. The red pods dance together. I think that many people see them, but do not see them, thinking that they are just roadside shrub. This group is on a curve that I pass as I leave my studio so they are up close and you can see right through them to the field beyond.
My purpose for this blog is to explain and become more articulate about my paintings, but some quote about "Writing about Art is like Dancing about Architecture" comes to mind. Still, I will go into it!

I like the depth that is created by a landscape. The curve that is created by the ground moving toward you at the bottom. The sky moving toward you at the top.
Now put an object right across the front! Press the eye into following the pattern, but tease with the desire to look through it!
I have often wondered why I use the colors and values that I do. When I have studied landscape painting I can see that neutrals are the way to go to achieve levels of naturalism. I guess naturalism is not what I am shooting for.
I am looking for something much more contemporary and trying to get it out through what I see around me.
As I post my work to this blog, I know that I will appear to be jumping around, a landscape, a portrait, a still life and more.
A consistent thread will emerge.

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