Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Sometime ago I started looking at fire as a subject. I notice that everyone looks at fire. It is fascinating. I am contemplating why?
What is it about fire that is worth looking at, sometimes for hours! Ok! So the obvious is that it moves and if you are close enough there is heat. It is brightly colored and that always can attract us, but fire is interesting even on TV, in B&W! I can remember Christmas in the 60's and watching it. Now you can get a HD video of it. I watched it at the Doctors office!
What I see about fire today is that it moves in an organic way with no hard angles.
(Is it organic? Scientifically, it is a process of oxidation).
Fire is also it's own light source. Most everything we see is the subject of light cast upon it.
The painting I have included is an attempt to look at the movement. I have excluded the source, no burning log, of burning house.
George La Tour painted his figures illuminated by a flame to show fire as the light source. I have tried to see if I could paint it as self-illuminating.

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